Chocolate Protein Cookies

Calling all chocolate lovers looking for a healthy snack packed with protein for a midday or morning recharge. These protein cookies are paleo friendly, gluten and dairy free! When I think about protein snacks I often think of either an intense sugar taste, or an extremely dry and bland texture. There are some good options… Continue reading Chocolate Protein Cookies

Maple Pecan Protein Bites

I love a good maple and pecan combo! Pair this combination with a splash of protein and the texture of raw pecans, and you have yourself an amazing snack that will reenergize you for the morning or afternoon slump. This recipe is gluten free, and will have you asking for seconds! I typically have a… Continue reading Maple Pecan Protein Bites

Salted Chocolate Pecan Protein Bites

If you are looking for a midday snack with some protein and chocolate flavored goodness then look no further than these delicious Salted Chocolate Pecan Protein Bites. These are gluten free and dairy free. I make these bites for my husband and me for a midday pick me up or a post workout snack. They… Continue reading Salted Chocolate Pecan Protein Bites