The Inflammation Spectrum Week 1

The Inflammation Spectrum Week 1

This week I started my journey on The Inflammation Spectrum. The Inflammation Spectrum is a book that outlines an anti-inflammatory protocol developed by one of the world’s leading functional medicine practitioners named Dr. Will Cole. The protocol has two routes, the Core4 and Elimin8. Your level of inflammation will dictate which track you will take. I scored high in the blood sugar category, so I am following the Elimin8 plan.

During week one I followed the step down process. During this process I eliminated an inflammatory food each day to get my diet down to the basics. So far, so good. The hardest days for me were five and six, because that is when I had to eliminate legumes (peanut butter, I miss you already) and nuts and seeds (all my favorites). However, I am already seeing less bloating and less hunger between meals, which has been nice. I also like that I have a basic eating plan, so there is less pressure when planning meals for the week.

Speaking of planning meals, a few people have been asking what my menu looked like.

Here is a little glimpse of what I ate this week:

Each day I had to modify my meals depending on what I was eliminating. I used grain free granola for my yogurt bowl initially, and then I used coconut chunks for some texture and played with the nut butter I was able to use. Eventually I was unable to use a nut butter, and so I substituted with coconut butter. I have had fun so far challenging myself with different meals to make depending on what I was able to eat throughout the step down. Upcoming I have eggs and nightshades. I am truly enjoying this journey, and I am looking forward to learning more about my unique body and which foods will allow me to heal.

See you next week friends! Be on the look out for some new recipes I post as I journey on through.

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